The G-Link is a simple towing release for the towing of paragliders or hanggliders (UL towing).

Schleppklinke G-Link


The G-Link has the following advantages:

  • one can release with either hand, left or right
  • the release barrel is located directly in front of the attachment point, as such always in the view and reachable without problems
  • an unintentional release (e.g. when stepping into the harness) is nearly impossible
  • the device weighs only ~60 g, is very flexible and can be easily stuffed away in general and in flight
  • there are no sharp edges or heavy metal parts, which could hurt the pilot
  • the use is very simple and comfortable
  • the device and the correct function of all parts can be checked at any time

You find further detailed information in the G-Link Betriebsanleitung.