The G-Link has not been tested by the DHV. Can it still be used in Germany?

The G-Link has been certified by Air Turquoise according to NfL 2-565-20 (aka LTF-HG/GS). It may also be used legally in Germany.

Pre-acceleration is not possible with the G-Link. Why?

In our opinion, pre-acceleration offers no advantage with modern gliders. Most pilots today do not hook in the pre-acceleration, even if their handle has a system for pre-acceleration. Hooking up the risers is unnecessarily complicated. Pre-acceleration systems can have their own problems, such as limitation of accelerator travel in flight or possible symmetry problems if a Brummel hook should come loose.

Wouldn't a tow adapter attachment be advantageous?

In the past, towing adapters were recommended because they promise an optimal application of the towing force. Unfortunately, however, there have been incidents where the metal rings have broken as a result of faulty workmanship, or pilots have only hooked onto the adapter instead of the adapter and riser. If you prefer, you can attach the G-Link analog to a towing adapter around the riser and carabiner (see manual variant 1). However, we recommend looping in using a lark's head directly on the front of the carabiner (see manual variant 2) with the carabiner opening on the back. This way, the force application is straight and the harness suspension is not twisted by the drag. The latch can remain on the harness even if the risers are detached from the harness between towings.