• Okapi 1.3.12
    Support for columns containing XML.
  • Okapi 1.3.11
    Handle special character column names, which need quoting (e.g. Avaloq 3.1 _IS_OBSLT_ and _SUBST_). Support case sensitive passwords.
  • Okapi 1.3.10
    Some improvements for better Avaloq support: Increased table cache size, timestamp handling and usage of disabled relational constraints (and new property jdbc.relations.enabledonly).
  • Okapi 1.3.9
    NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS explicitly set to '.,' to avoid invalid number problems in special environments.
  • Okapi 1.3.8
    Minor bug fixes for foreign key name resolution and strange number formats.
  • Okapi 1.3.7
    Further DBA default queries added. Expired session cleanup fixed. Display unsupported column types e.g. oracle object types as .
  • Okapi 1.3.6
    Minor bug fixes mainly related to special character encoding.
  • Okapi 1.3.5
    SSL implementation. Improved server shutdown (on Ctrl-c).
  • Okapi 1.3.4
    Added column list to filter help window to allow cut & paste of column names. Added rounding option.
  • Okapi 1.3.3
    Explain Plan feature added for mySQL. Basic support for MS SQL Server (beta).
  • Okapi 1.3.2
    Import of delimited data, e.g. .csv files.
  • Okapi 1.3.1
    Fix for mySQL outer join to multiple tables (name resolution).
  • Okapi 1.3.0
    First release with mySQL support. The file has been renamed to
  • Okapi 1.2.12
    A new property css. allows the use of different style sheets in correspondance with the database instance. = %2Fsite%2Fprod.css = %2Fsite%2Fdev.css

  • Okapi 1.2.11
    Explain query plan implemented.