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Experience relaxed winch towing thanks to easy operation and (unique) redundant release option.

The G-Link is a puristic tow release for paraglider and hangglider (UL) towing. The G-Link tow bridle has been certified  according NfL 2-565-20 (aka LTF-HG/GS)  by Air Turquoise

G-Link tow release

 The G-Link offers the following advantages, among others:

  • easy to understand, uncomplicated and safe function and handling
  • the release can be spontaneously on the right or left side or even on both sides in case of emergency
  • the release mechanism is located directly in front of the carabiner and is therefore always in the field of vision and easily accessible
  • an unintentional release (e.g. when stepping into the pod) is nearly impossible
  • the G-Link is very light with approx. 60 g, flexible and can be stowed extremely compactly - there is simply no reason not to have the latch with you at all times
  • the bridle is pulled into the pod after the release and does not interfere with emergency parachute deployment or aerodynamics
  • no sharp or heavy metal parts that could endanger the pilot
  • made of pure Dyneema with 1300 daN breaking load and a high strength aluminum alloy
  • the condition and function of all components can be easily checked
  • the G-Link is not a Swiss Army Knife, but - supplemented with a carabiner - the ropes of the G-Link can serve as tree rescue kit to secure you to a tree

For more information, see the picture gallery below, the G-Link FAQ , the G-Link User Manual and the G-Link history.

You can order or buy your G-Link only directly from us.


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