There are already so many tow bridles on the market. What was the motivation to develop the G-Link?

  • I was always bit annoyed of fiddling around with the usual two string releases.
  • I also found the mounting to the harness a bit cumbersome and a bit stressful when preparing to the towing (we have a very efficient winch operation; o).
  • The decisive factor, however, was that I experienced repeated unwanted releases with my last towing bridle. All that was needed was a light touch with the knee when searching for the pod.

Some simple research on the internet has revealed that an alarming number of systems have a potential for security problems. At the same time I also found simple (apparently proven) solutions from the hangglider area with pin and release sleeve (s). Since I saw no reason why a similar system shouldn't be used for paragliders, I built a first prototype.

Many other versions followed in order to find the optimal splicing method and to develop special CNC milled parts.

The flight tests were convincing and the device turned out to be extremely practical and comfortable. I have therefore decided to have the tow bridle certified and marketed as a G-Link.