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Are you still writing with the eagle system? Attack after three circles? Learn the touch typing now or just improve your keyboard skills with our touch typing trainer.

Touch typing

Free Trial For most of us writing with a keyboard is a daily task. But have we learned touch typing systematically? Most people just write. The need and advantage of a course is ignored in many cases. The reason may be time or costs. But be assured - a solid knowledge of touch typing will ease your daily work, saves time and is simply fun. Learn with the help of your computer - use the touch typing trainer.

The touch typing trainer

Pseudo-BoxYou have the opportunity to learn touch typing now! You don't have to visit a course and you don't even have to install a program onto your PC (which may be risky with a program just found somewhere on the internet). Just work through our on-line workshop (the touch typing trainer), whenever and wherever you like, at home, at your working place or from any PC with an internet connection.

The touch typing trainer has the following advantages:

  • the touch typing trainer is based on didactically structured lessons
  • most lessons are generated by random based on a word dictionary and a sentence database
  • you get statistics about errors, speed
  • you may select your own learning speed, all lessons may be repeated as many times you like
  • a special form lets you enter sample text by cut & paste, so with the touch typing trainer the number of lessons is actually unlimited
  • you may select a comfortable font size
  • the touch typing trainer supports the languages English, German and French)
  • you profit from any improvements to the program with no effort, the touch typing trainer runs on our server
  • the only requirement is a web browser and an internet connection (works also with apple / mac)


Some screendumps

Test the touch typing trainer for free

Test the touch typing trainer for free. You may start just now. The first 30 lessons of the touch typing trainer are absolutely free. If you like the program, you unlock the whole course by a small fee of € 15.-. A small investment for your future.